mr clement's Please Forget Me rainbow edition. Man. I know it's just a drizzle of paint over a black Please Forget Me but still, it's so freaking sweet that beneath all those colours, that lapin, is a skull. Available at TAG at USD$140. Email with your name, Paypal email, location and request.

Also available in Grey, and Black for USD$95. PREVIEW HERE

Customise: Mikie Graham// Blast Off Bunny

"Houseton, we've got a ppprrrrroooooonnnnoooo-"

This is one custom show that I have my eyes on. Opening 23rd Mar at TOYARTGALLERY, Nathan Hamill's latest vinyl Bellicose Bunny will be the muse and already there are numerous sneaks and reveals of what this galatic leporine traveller is up to.

Here, Mikie Graham mischieviously turns it into Blast Off Bunny, all helplessly strapped to the side of the missile, speeding towards his furry demise. I absolutely love the :O expression.

Lots of hand sculpted details and of course, 'the ornate flame plume that attaches the figure to a distressed antique wooden base allowing the bunny to seemingly float in mid take off!'. This custom gets the awwww award from me :)

Itokin Park for Brain Evolution

Kudos to Itokin Park for turning Jumping Brain into a innocuous children's educational toy. I mean, not everyone can stomach the sight of legs on brains but the delightfully kiddy blue custom with complementary cheery body bits takes your attention away from the fact that you are looking at amphibious brains. As usual, this would be first custom at BRAIN EVOLUTION with the red sticker on it.


Something for everybody at TAG. If ugly kaiju ain't your thing, P.P Pudding has an assortment of cute (non-exclusives so there's no limit!) - Konekos, Nuts, UFOs, Yoorins and Cosmicats. THIS is what a Yoorin looks like and Koneko is the ROBO CAT. Cosmicats are well, COSMICATS. :p If you head to the WEBSTORE, you'll find how insanely popular his UFOs are, and just as popular is Kinohel, which will be available in the TAG exclusive classy colourway of gold and black. TAG says Kinoel is extremely limited so no snoozing on this!

Exclusives at TAG Melrose opening!

This kinda just sneaked up on me. Apparently, the BRAIN EVOLUTION custom show will be held at the new retail showroom Toy Art Gallery has opened up at swanky Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, and they are marking its grand opening with exclusives! Tsunogon and Beckos one-offs from Pico Pico! Dualos one-off from Mark Nagata! Exclusive edition of Boss Carrion from Paulkaiju! Ruckus and Ruckus Tallboy resin bots from Cris Rose! First come first served so go grab the tickets which will be given out 15th Sept 12 noon. Exclusives are limited to one per customer per style. There are no limits on the Jumping Brain customs. Any remains will go up the WEBSTORE the next day.

Mr Shane was inspired by the arcade art of Frogger, which in its many incarnations (Atari, Sega, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance, DS, Playstation, Xbox and iPhone) has remained staunchly green. The Jumping Brainner comes with a briefcase, as featured on the original Frogger game, containing 5 flying brains and 2 secret documents. Clearly, this is not your ordianry salaryman. A special painted Waniphant - Jumping Brainner Predator - will be trailing in an orange suit which can hardly out-dazzle its neat rows of pearly whites. See the nice shiny teeth HERE! :) Catch Brain Evolution next week 16th Sept at Toy Art Gallery!

Customise: Cris Rose for Brain Evolution

I see a trend of making the brain an evil mastermind :P After JASON FREENY'S THINK TANK comes a sneak of un-named custom by Cris Rose. Is that an eyeball and an arm on some sort of control/gear stick? Nonetheless, I'm thinking of Krang from TMNT. Fire away!

What can I say? It's punny. :P Jason Freeny's custom for BRAIN EVOLUTION, the first custom show for Emilio Garcia's Jumping Brain, forced him out of his anatomy sculpt spree and though it's a literal take on the phrase, I went to Google its etymology. Apparently, it is militaristic in nature! Who knew? :P

'The term think tank itself, however, was originally used in reference to organizations that offered military advice, most notably the RAND Corporation, founded originally in 1946 as an offshoot of Douglas Aircraft and which became an independent corporation in 1948.'

Yep. Jumping brains. This is the first custom Jumping Brain show and it features a stellar board of artists coming from different fields. Notable favourites and a few oddities. I draw a blank when I put Kenny Wong and the platform together so that'll be something to look out for. 16th Sept till 10th Oct. $100 on Itokin Park's custom getting sold first. RSVP and get updates on FACEBOOK.

Mark Nagata shows us a healthy brain

If you're up for a bit of customs shopping (and not saving up for the ridiculous amount of toy con goodies), head over to TAG where they are holding a 5 man group show - Paul Kaiju, Mark Nagata, Blobpus, LASH, and Bob Conge/Plaseebo - from 8th~29th Jul.

Identify the works of the Godfathers

The PREVIEW is up and just hit TAG with your email request after 8th Jul Noon PST, which is a horrendous Saturday 3am for me (again). Send your particulars (full name, address, paypal email) to but remember, not before 12pm! I'm not telling you folks what I'm gunning for till I get the confirmation from the good folks at TAG! :P I don't know if it's a typo on the site but it says the show runs till 19th but the poster says 29th :P



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