Top row: Miborah Seijin, Hedoran, Zagarad, Steven, Hedoran
Bottom row: Pocket Helper, Zagoran, Hedoran, Hollis, Angilas

When Koji said to look out for other pink customs, I was expecting awesome but this is like a billion Christmases came early. Where am I supposed to get all the dough to grab everything? Bleakness and woe besieged me much :P If I have to choose just three (arggghhh) then my picks will be Pocket Helper, Hollis and Steven. You can check out the prices at the WEBSTORE and the best bit, three of the pieces are GID - Steven, Zagarad and Angilas! For those who love mashups, there's Miborah Seijin! Quick reminder! 18th Jun 8pm Pacific time

A small recap of Super7 One Offs Show

Double Mummy Gator by MonsterHero

Much thanks to ZINCSAUCIER442 for allowing the usage of these photos from the SUPER7 ONE OFFS CUSTOM SHOW. Rather than do a photo dump, I'll just post some of my other favourites from the event. There are just too many I like and cannot afford :P Top three in the exhaustive list would be VALLEYDWELLER'S GARURU, TROY STITH'S SNOW CONE MILTON and the Double Mummy Gator above. It is seductively still on sale at S7 WEBSTORE, just check under New Arrivals.

Now that SUPER7 ONE OFFS is just two days away, please anticipate the flood of custom reveals. Let's start with LEECIFER's, who also happens to be the curator behind the show this year. I like Big Sal/Batman who seems as if it is trying to slink away from a Super Friends advertorial pose which Fire Robo came with a conveniently forgotten fire on top of its head. Attention whore some people. :P

Then it's NEBULON5 with two Rose Vampires and a Zagoran. If you guys remember, I was just raving about his awesomely blended POTATO AND CHERRY TOMATOES ARGUS. I'm in love with the Roses, especially the Antique Rose Vampire. TAKE A BETTER LOOK HERE. I'm still thinking if I should add one to my collection and if I do, I'll get Nebulon5 to custom one for me :)

Saving the best for last, we have VALLEYDWELLER with the first Garuru and Steven custom this season! He made a pretty big impression with his MCMEGADUNNY and with these latest customs, he has certainly secured a place on my artist-to-watch list! Every piece strikes such a beautiful resonance that I am actually glad I cannot be there this weekend. Not that I can be on any other weekends. :P If I may boldly venture and say this, I think Garuru is the sexiest thing I've seen so far. Oh, and Big Sal actually reminds me of VASH STAMPEDE FROM TRIGUN.

Bwana Spoons X Butanohana// Stevenonauts

Thankfully, there wasn't much news over the weekend. I had a blast going to Art Stage and looking at one Kaws and several Takashi Murakami works. Will post up some of the shots later but not much toys and I missed out one of the more important exhibits :P So what else happened while I was gone? This. BWANA SPOONS X BUTANOHANA mashup that sold out rather instant from what I read. Stevenonauts. I prefer this to the GREEN AND BLACK BORIS any given day! At USd$150, my choice would be the blue colourway.

Randall and Boris

RANDALL'S MAGIC SCRAPYARD is looking to be extremely magical indeed. The man behind the abracadabra, BWANA SPOONS, has graced us with his wizardry, conjuring up a maelstrom of customs that he would, somehow, pack into a magic suitcase and whisk off to enchant the good people of Japan.

Take my money, Bwana and Koji, TAKE IT ALL!

The last batch of the BWANA SPOONS X COMETDEBRIS collaborations. The most beautifully depraved of the lot, these 3 customs leak a pleasantly wicked aura which just make the PREVIOUS 4 seem almost superfluous! ALMOST! :P


ONLINE STORE opening soon! Out of the 3 - Steven, Gargamess and Matango- which one tickles your evil bone?

BWANA SPOONS has another surprise before leaving for RANDALL'S MAGIC SCRAPYARD next week. He will be teaming up with COMETDEBRIS for a round of custom collaboration.  Each of the custom has been painted by both of them. 3 have already been revealed at COMETDEBRIS ONLINE STORE!

Steven USD$125, Tokoji USD$150, Mini Deathra USD$105

Steven and Tokoji are GID! Auto-like Tokoji for having being blue GID and pink eyes.  Koji has mentioned that new previews will be added daily so do check back daily! From the banner, I do spy a Dolly so it might be next. ^^

Bwana Spoons released his custom STEVENS last Friday and amazingly, 2 of them are still around, waiting for a lucky owner. The pink and the blue custom are available at USD $160. You'll have to scroll all the way down at the online store to find it.

If you have yet to get the AUTUMNAL NESTOR DOLLY [blogged], they are still available at the online store for USD$100.

Other than STANDING KILLER [blogged] that will be released on Sept 27th, there's Bwana Spoons X Gargamel X Super 7 STEVEN THE BAT [direct link]. This 100mm or 4inch figure will be in root beer too! Yours for 2500 yen!

And there's Bwana Spoons X Gargamel DOLLY THE DOLPHIN. Similarly done in rootbeer, DOLLY stands at 130mm (about 5inch) and it can join your rootbeer family for another 7500 yen. :X There's some confusion over the drop date. I found two different release days. Aug 15th or Sept 27th? Well it shouldn't be the former. It's already over.

Mark your calanders! Sept 27th for KILLER, DOLLER and STEVEN!
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