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A great deal of happenings at Instinctoy

The first drop of the FRESH BATCH OF INC is in my facourite colourway :P No word on quantity though these are show exclusives at Instinctoy 23rd Sept and goes for ¥9,240. No surprises there, and even priced so steeply, incs (or any of their original characters) never linger around for hesitators! Wait a minute. Show exclusives? What show?

This show folks. Opening that day and running through till 10th Oct is the Custom inc event, featuring artists alfred, BLOBPUS, GRIMB, ITOKIN PARK, Johnny, Knuckle, KURONO, MAMEDENQ, Psycho, SHELTERBANK, SPANKY, TOCO, WARE and YUKI. Certainly not familiar with the entire lot but hey, Itokin Park is there again :D

But there's more. LIQUID EROSION BE@RBRICK will be going up for sale too! You can get one for ¥1,764 and it will be availble onsite till the end of the custom show. Experience tells me it will get sold out by the third day, if not the first. Mangled Google translator also says that a separate batch will be released for online sales 111th Oct midnight but there's no mention of it going international. Also, a limited supply will be available at Project 1/6 shop but this doesn't make a difference to us folks. Project 1/6 is Japan only.

Last would be the the LIQUIDS. Five of the GID are going at ¥820 each. Rainbow GID goes just for a teeny little bit more expensive, at ¥840. Clear LIQUID is a gift for the extravagant peeps who spend above ¥5,000, which is easily achievable with just one purchase of the Rainbow inc. Again, Google says separate supply for mail order. Keep your fingers cross that they intend to spread the love globally!

Instinctoy// LIQUID GID and Clear

Looks like the NEW BATCH OF LIQUIDS FROM MARCH is almost ready to be set loose. Instinctoy has decided not to blister pack these babies and though 25 were previously announced, including a whole range of metallics and clears, the first to be released are the GIDs. The pink and purple don't seem to be glowing that much but check out the rainbow! *_*

Besides the 6 colourways for the GID, a clear LIQUID is also set to be dropped in Sept! Excited much! Hope they are doing international shipping as they did with PANDEMIC 3.1.

Medicom X Instinctoy// Liquid Be@rbrick

And back to regular blogging :P I simply gave up any sort of updating when the server came under DDOS attack, and those little I could get up took 30 minutes of frustrating F5-ing. I've been eagerly awaiting the THE NEW BATCH OF INC AND LIQUIDS from Instinctoy but this popped out instead! On display over last weekend's Ani-con and Games in Hong Kong is the Liquid Be@rbrick! Anyone who knows the myriad of little colour dudes would expect a whole range of this collaboration to be in the line-up.

This puts such a big smile on my face. It's been such a LONG TIME SINCE WE SAW ANY OF THE ORIGINAL CHARACTERS FROM INSTINCTOY, discounting PANDEMIC which was a collaboration with BANANA VIRUS. The glorious metallic inc parading in the picture are colour samples but they look ready to be shipped out! What are those cocoons in the foreground?

Check out the rainbow halo!

LIQUIDS! Trust me, these babies are hard to come by. I've been scouring the internet for 2 years and I have nothing to show for it. There's so many of them, 25 to be exact, and the one that I'm lusting after is the rainbow version. There's a complementary inc that, if I were to get, would path a way to a new level of poverty :P But yes, it's very pretty and is that a Maziora paintjob on the silver inc neighbour?

Which ones do you want?

Instinctoy// Black Rainbow Liquid Erosion

I get distracted easily :S  I saw black rainbow in the news feed and dropped everything (!!) and hopped over to Vinyl Pulse where I was prompty captured by what ... what am I looking at anyway? :P

After 10 minutes of soulful exchange, I still could not figure out what it was but I knew I have to have it. It was making puppy eyes at me! This is the magic of Hiroto Ohkubo's LIQUID EROSION. It's a spinoff of LIQUID [what's a LIQUID?] and initially, I thought the rainbow sheen was pretty but not awesome... until I saw the vid.
OOOOOOOOOOO~~ As it rotates, it insidiously casts a spell of mental domination on your mind, entrapping your will in a rainbow mesh. It's futile.

LIQUID EROSION is full of win. Featuring a Maziora paint job, I'm sure this will be an extremely limited run, just like the Maziora INC. (That's the shiny bear below)

If anyone knows Japanese, you can read more about it here. I'm scrapping through by reading the Chinese characters :P

The Maziora INC is sold out and if you do see one, you should dive for it.

LIQUID EROSION just saw the release of the black and white versions. You can get the set at Tokyocube [direct link] for USD$75 or USD$39 if you want just one of it.
White here (2 left!) and Black here (3 left!)

I'll leave you with Instinctoy's goodies at the One Up booth from  TFF 2009!

I want the gold LIQUID EROSION!

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