Super7 January Beatdown!

From Left: Early Morning Garuru, Sunburnt Yellow Prick, Abominable Leroy C.,
Hues of Blues DokuDuo, Green Hell on Wheels Casket Cruiser

Everything yellow is dropping 12th Jan 12 Noon while those with shades of blue are dropping the week after 19th Jan 12 Noon. The last to pull up is Vampire Rose in the Casket Cruiser end of the month 26th (yes. same. time). Many will prob go gaga over the GHOWCC (go figure!) but my eyes are firmly set on the Abominable. Look at that shiny happy tummy. Damn that's good. GHOWCC is $65USD but everyone else is an affordable $35USD!

Rose Vampire, Zombie Fighter, Mummy Boy and Dokuduo

Well if Lego is going to launch FRIENDS in 2012, a line exclusive for girls, I demand that these be put into production immediately! Super7 Lego? God yes! Toby Dutkiewicz, the dude behind KEEK THE SADDEST DEVIL, nailed the transition from vinyl to tiny tiny plastic epically. The head pieces, sculpted and cast by Super7, and painted bodies (not decals!) sure beats all the minifigs series to the ground! Will I ever march an army of Rose Vampire Lego across green bumpy meadows? Sadly, there is no, and may never be, a production date. I'm gonna send a sad sad email to a particular someone :P

I guess this is pretty cute. Seen at SDCC 2011 is another prototype (did anyone forget the ULTRA SQUID GIRLl?) (sacrilege!). One of my favourites from Super7 for sure is the Rose Vampire (especially D-LUX'S RAINBOW CUSTOMS of it) and sticking it into a vehicle is just not enough to combat SUIKO IN MONSTER WHEELERS :p Meanest and greenest?  We shall see!

Super7 is da bomb at SDCC 2011

First Row: Mummy Boy Blue Glow and Invisboy, Foster Vanilla Filling, Little Prick, Big Sal Metallic Silver
Second Row: Rose Vampire GID and Clear Green, Earth Wolf GID, Tao King Maru Blue, Zombie Fighter GID
Third Row: Burgerbuns Clear Green, Honoo Clear Orange, Leroy C GID, Mongolion Pink and GID Swirl
Click to enlarge

Just shopping at the Super7 booth alone will fill my SDCC shopping bag. There are many GID to choose from - the man himself, Brian Flynn's Mummy Boy, Josh Herbolsheimer's Earth Wolf and Rose Vampire, Secret Base's Zombie Fighter, Invisble Creatures' Leroy C and L'amour Supreme's Mongolion - but if GID doesn't wet your panties, there is another 7 to choose from! I would love to own that Foster too ^^ Cheerful piece of dessert. Top three picks for me would be Leroy C, Foster and a tie between Mongolion and Rose Vampire GID (yes I cheat :P). Booth #7429 peeps!

Customise: Nebulon5// Custom Rose Vampires

Taking a break from his Antique series, NEBULON5 came up with the custom mixed paints of frost metallics. Subtle but still shiny, Rose Vampire looks absolutely regal, beguiling and perhaps, just a touch of haughty. The two above have already been sold on the WEBSTORE (pretty things don't last very long :P) but if you are desperate to own one, just ask for a COMMISSION at USD$90. That or you can snag the SUNSET ROSE VAMPIRE.

Diagonal, Vertical and Horizontal

For those who can't get enough of D-LUX's rainbow customs, he has three for the taking right now. Purple seems to be missing tho :P Each is going at USD$115 and the Horizontal custom has already been spoken for :P I swear it's not me. Run to the WEB STORE now.


D-Lux had a yummy Leroy custom. Had.

D-LUX had these customs and while they are sold out now, I'm glad there was a LEROY C custom which looks nothing short of spectacular in its green coat. I'm loving this platform so much that I have yet to take mine out from the box it was shipped in :P Too many things, so little time. And of course, the rainbow spree continued, from MUMMY BOY, which was the first time I came into contact with his works, to his platform of choice, Rose Vampire. Now, the colourful infection had spread to Hollis. COMMISSION YOUR PIECE HERE!

Obsessed boyfriend. Neglected and bored girlfriend. All too familiar? It's time to show your partner that you do care, by showering them with love this Feb 14th. Does it matter that you are giving them stuff that they just ain't interest in? NO! Someone's got to benefit should she throw your loving aside. :P But for her sake, let's start with things that she might consider keepers! DOOODOLLS' Sweeter Together collection that should send her on a sugar high :P Muffins? Sign me up too!

Cupido & Cupipi Icing 18" Plush Toys

RRP RM119.90 each

Cupido & Cupipi Cupcake 5” Key Holders

RRP RM23.90 each

Cupido & Cupipi Ice Cream 5” Key Holders

RRP RM23.90 each

Back Story:

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, in the Land of Fluffy Sugar Treats, the Marshmallow Icing King ruled over cupcakes, ice cream, icing and all things sugary and delightful. His Marshmallow Highness was a good king, providing constant refrigeration and lots of shelf space for each and every Fluffy Sugar Treat. But he ruled alone, and, at the end of a long day, came home to an empty palace. 'Ah, it would be my wish to have a Queen to rule beside me, a constant companion who would be my equal!' thought the Marshmallow Icing King every night, looking out at the frosty stars above. Night after night though, the stars remained silent, glittering and cold. On his fifth birthday (five years is quite an old age for a Sugar Treat) as he made his nightly wish, the tiniest, most faraway star in the sky heard the King, and thought 'It has been many years I've sat in the sky here. Now is the time for a new adventure!'. And so the star let go of the sky, and fell, shooting through layers and layers of clouds and empty sky, slowing down as she approached the earth until she landed with a soft thud. As she got up, she saw that her sides were soft and fluffy with a layer of cloudstuff. And that is how the Marshmallow Icing Queen came to the Land of Fluffy Sugar Treats. She and the Marshmallow Icing lived happily ever after, and had three sets of cute and sugary twin children – Cupido and Cupipi Icing, Cupido and Cupipi Ice Cream, and Cupido and Cupipi Cupcake. Sweet!

Next up is UAMOU. You know immediately these are Japan only. The WEB STORE would not carry them but if you can get your hands on these exclusives, wouldn't it make her swoon and swirl, feeling like she's the only girl in the world? ;) Alternatively, grabbing her Uamou in every colourway should achieve the same effect!

If you need more suggestions, try the gift sets from UGLYDOLLS, in increasing denominations of your commitment to the relationship :P I doubt the ACTION FIGURE SERIES 3 would make it in time but these well thought out packages should do the trick! Fill with all things pink and red, they are available HERE

And to round things up, if she's into some kaiju loving, nothing shouts out louder than SUPER7's pink vinyls of Fenton and Rose Vampire! Fenton comes with red and white sprays but it's the Rose Vampire growing in translucent pink vinyl that serenades. Dropping 11th Feb 11am Pacific, Fenton goes at USD$15 and Rose Vampire at USD$30.

D-LUX has this up at his ONLINE STORE, going price is USD$175. It's obviously too expensive for a casual gift exchange but you can always treat yourself to a piece of awesome this Christmas. Drenched in luscious Monster Kolor metallic paint, with holographic color change flake, and super glossy clear coat, this Rebel can lead the purple revolution anywhere!

Or if you prefer Rose Vampires, he is offering the custom service at USD$100. Package includes the figure painted in any colour palette of your choosing and free shipping anywhere in the US. If the offer still stands next year, I'll get him to do a rainbow, like the picture above.

Update on Le Merde's Funbuns

Taken with permission from Jeff aka ZINCSAUCIER442. Click image to enlarge.

These are all of the customs on display and what are my top 3 picks? Reveal after the jump! :) And sidenote, Le Merde has a new website that is WIP. The old email is not working. Any inquiries should be left at

The customs are up for sale at SUPER 7



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