LAST BLOGGED ON 27TH DEC, GSC's Snow Miku Nendoroid (Snow Playtime Edition) is ready to dazzle, coming in an incredibly big packaging. Though I predicted it would be in the region of ¥3000, I have forgotten to factor in the super posable attribute and the ridiculous amount of accessories it comes with. Other than the expressions and ice leek, mufflers and scarf, it comes with a Mike-shaped ice tray as well! That would be the blue stuff underneath the blister pack. And the Nendoroid Petite Snowman (which can swap parts with your other Petites!) And for all that, you'll have to pay ¥1000 more.

There are three ways to get your hands on her. Going to Wonder Festival 6th Feb where 3000 sets will be sold using numbered tickets. Going to Snow Festival 11th Feb. More info on 62nd Sapporo Snow Festvial HERE. Getting it through GSC online shop but that will be a June release. And though they do not ship overseas, you can get your fix through TOKYO HUNTER. ¥5500 exclusive of shipping. Still going to be cheaper than the SGD$180~200 tag that retailers will peg her at. Do note Tokyo Hunter is taking orders for the June batch only.

More gloom please!

Black Gold Saw, the one in the opening of the OVA everyone labels the mysterious character, was announced yesterday by MIKATAN. As usual, there were splendid shots of the 1/8 PVC figure with the familiar office backdrop. Though I love everything about it to bits, I do wish she was a little more sullen, much like the anime, and not bearing a smile which seems as if it is about to erupt on her face.

For the uninitiated

Look at the new bits in my arms and legs!

GSC is going to drop this at the 62nd Sapporo Snow Festival and if this is the gauge of things to come, you can expect a Snow Miku every subsequent year till this cash cow is milked dry. From what I can see, there are no cosmetic changes but what separates this from the 61st Sapporo Snow Festival exclusive is that it is Super Poseable. Nendoroid Snow Miku (Snow Playtime Edition) is joining the Super Poseable family of one (Saber!) 7th Feb 2011 and yes, it is an exclusive which you can send your mule to toll after at Wonder Festival 'WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE YOU!! 13" booth or you can F5 online. Expect pricing to be about ¥3000 and I suggest interested parties to start being an international friend to anyone Japanese now; don't let your local retailers scam you with a USD$80 tag!

Rubber Strap, 3D Crystal and Japanese Confection

Other Miku randoms that will be sold at the 62nd Sapporo Snow Festival - rubber strap at ¥500, 3D crystal at ¥5000 and sweets at ¥1000. I say all of these are rubbish :P Read more about the annual snow event HERE and there are OTHER NON-MIKU MERCHANDISE if you are interested. News as usual coming from MIKATAN!

Strength: Nendoroid, Figma and Animation version

I can only describe this piece of news as a catastrophic burn in my pocket. Having already owned and pre-ordered all the existing characters from the Black Rock Shooter series - Figma, Nendoroid and Animation versions - these three are just natural additions. Or should I say attrition, financial attrition. Whatever the case, I'm not walking away from this completely ebullient. I might feel better when they are out in full force display but until then, thanks Max Factory and Good Smile Company!
The sexually ambiguous Hideyoshi Kinoshita

BAKA TO TEST TO SHOKANJUU is easily one of the most memorable anime to run in 2010. Taking meritocracy to a new low, students at Fumizuki Academy gets assigned to classes based on their academic strength. The higher the class positioning, the more luxurious the setting gets - air conditioning, upholstered seats, snacks bar, computer access. Truly, winner takes all in this wacky school. Hideyoshi Kinoshita has a cardbox box for a desk. ^^''

All students can Summon an entity that is a direct personification of their grades and uses it to battle in challenges where the winning class takes over the classroom of the losing class. This sets the arc of the anime. Class F aims for the stars. Though Hideyoshi is not the protagonist, he is easily the most comical. Despite being a guy, he is the target of much fanservice in the series. Explains his modelesque bits (bent arm and leg) he comes with. Yep. You can make him brush his hair. ^^

The Nendoroid comes with the lots of accessories - cardboard box, drawing board, tatami mat (!), summon (!!) - and extra spare legs for him to sit on his knees. You know I''m going to say it. It's value for money :P Up for PO at AMIAMI for ¥2600.

If  MIKATAN has it, you can be sure it'll be up the next day! Finally, after the last PEEKTURE at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition, Black Gold Saw Nendoroid will be released! I guess everyone is after the ChanXCo expression and the bent knees. The cliff is perfect for my Queen's Blade Nendoroids to play on. Mikatan hints there may be as many as nine spare arm parts. Amiami tomorrow!

Took me a very vey very long time to get these up, a big fat no thanks to cranky server which allowed me to upload three pictures at a time >< Also, as you can see, I was not the first or second or third in line that day. I think I was around visitor number 672; despite my arrival at 11am, which was three hours after the ticketing booth was opened, the queue still managed to snake left, right and centre. My favourite part was when parents, who had brought their kids along, saw the queue, got so disgusted and towed the disappointed kids back home. You guys have no idea how packed this crazy event was. One less family means more elbowing space.

After thirty minutes of trying not to look loser-ish, by virtue of attending it alone, I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Come on AFA! Get your act together! Stop making us queue for tickets to inflate the hype level! Just pre-sale your tickets and not just in ultra-limited quantities! I swear if I cannot get a ticket beforehand, I'm just going to skip the entire torturous affair.

The anticipation! What could be inside!? I want the GSC booth!

MIKATAN the trusty supplier of Nendoroid news has pictures of Yuki Nagato up! This version is from The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi movie and comes with a lovely trench and scarf to re-enact sappy Korean drama.

It comes with the most vapid of expressions but does redeem itself with a replaceable torso and joints in elbows. Well, that's it. No leg parts or cute animal companion! PO should be up tomorrow but I am certainly giving this a miss!

Hold your horses on BRS -animation version-

That is, if you have not already bought it. MIKATAN had issued a notice about the missing star on BRS jacket. The recourse for those with BRS in their possession is either to wait for a sticker to be sent to you and you do the repair yourself OR you can return the figure, though this option is only available if you are in Japan.

For everyone else doing the pick up in the coming weeks, double check the jacket and insist upon your local retailer/distributor to put the perfect figure in your eager hands.

And the winners are announced! MIKATAN'S SUPER MOVEABLE SABER CONTEST is over and I am not one of them T_T I'm jealous of all the Ota-P winners. They suck... not :P If you have forgotten the prize structure, HERE IT IS. Congratulations to all!



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