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Hardcore fans leading the pack

When you get J-pop cultural sensations (and I'm not referring to AKB48) at a toy con, you don't walk out of it unscathed. :P The exclusive signing, away from the Walk of Fame, arranged by the kind folks at Play Imaginative is the special collaboration of Devilrobots X Gloomy Bear - GLOOMY TO-FU. For a good measure of how kiasu (the local term for cannot lose - or if construed from a positivist perspective, the indomitable conquering spirit), fans were queueing an hour ahead, all hungry and eager to secure one out of the 30~40 slots per daily session. I'm usually somewhere in the middle but I sneak out to document the Wait.

STGCC Day 1: Play Imaginative

Time to invest in a new camera!

I hung around Play Imaginative the most. They have the coolest proximity to the most important bit of the toy con - the signings. The Walk of Fame, exclusive GLOOMY TO-FU and TO-FU [OKAN] signings and of course, like-minded OCD-ish friends who never quite get tired of just standing and wasting hours which we will never get back. That's the thing about toy cons. You cannot not like waiting in line. It is essentially the fun bit. So did I have a lot of fun? You bet! ;)

Play Imaginative has lots of display cases and unless you are plugged in, you'll never realise that you might be looking at a preview of what is going to land in the next couple of weeks. I'll keep that bit till the end but here's a great shot to show you how spacious their booth was. If you are an undeveloped dwarf, you could get lost in there :P

STGCC is bringing in the big toy guns!

The Media Release and Fact Sheet was out 28th Oct but yea, I took my time, hoping for more tidbits to fall. STGCC 2010 is produced by REEDS EXHIBITIONS this year, the same people behind NYCC. Is it bigger and badder than ever before? I certainly am the bearer of great hope and since my first wish is actualised (Glooooooommmmmmy~), I am going to endorse the awesomeness of the event.

Expect exclusives too. What is known so far:
STGCC 3" Trexi 2010 by Play Imaginative

Be@rbricks X Uglydolls: Babo and Trunko

Gloomy X To-fu Oyako X Play Imaginative: Gloomy To-fu

Spongebob Squarepants 3' Trexi produced by PI

3' Care Bear Trexi (Pearl Glitter) produced by PI

10" tokidoki Boss Buger produced by PI

Copperhead 18 10" Trexi procduced by PI

  • Unicorno series by tokidoki

  • 9" Gloomy Plush (Sitting down)

  • Edited 1st Dec: Play Imaginative has just confirmed that the Gloomy Plush will not make it in time for STGCC.

    Obviously, expect more over the coming weeks! This is going to be LEGENDARY!

    Click image to enlarge

    These are all the exclusive toy launches at Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Conventions STGCC on Friday 10th Dec There's no official word on the pricing but googling around comes up with these magic numbers.

    3" STGCC 2010 Trexi USD$7.95 (edition of 800)
    3" Care Bears (Pearl Glitter Edition) Trexi NTD$1800 per set (edition of 1000)
    3" Spongebob Squarepants Trexi NTD$250 (edition of 1000)
    10" Copperhead 18 Trexi by Kenny Wong NTD$3000 (uncertain if price is for Regular Bronze, edition of 288 or Special Silver, edition of 17)
    10" Boss Burger Trexi by tokidoki USD$115 (Regular Red) USD$125 (Special Blue, edition of 100)

    Only one that is left hanging is the Gloomy To-fu but I'll try to squeeze out information tomorrow night at the chill out session! What chill out session you say? ;)

    Here is an extra close look at the GLOOMY TO-FU that is set to launch at STGCC next week. Mori Chack and Devilrobots will be at an exclusive signing session for this collaboration at PI Booth A22 though the timing has yet to be finalised. To be updated!

    And presenting the Four Faces of Doom.

    A special collaboration between To-fu Oyako (DEVILROBOTS) and GLOOMY and produced by PLAY IMAGINATIVE, the 4" Gloomy To-fu will be  released at STGCC to commemorate Gloomy's 10th Anniversary. STGCC is the  perfect chance to get it autographed by both Mori Chack and Shinchiro Kitai. If only they have printed the text on the head somewhere else, we would have two canvases for the artists. No word on pricing but it's a limited run of 1000.



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