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RealXHead Mini Fortune Cat Promo

Nice promotion going on at RealXHead. If you are a fan of their mini Fortune Cat and their recent expansion into fashion, you'll be thrilled to know the only way you can lay your paws on any of these is to purchase a tee or polo from their store. One tee one kitty. I'm just after the original with the 真 because it's clean. Simply. No frills. No TOTAL GLITTER DOMINATION :p

Spotted this over at KAIJUKORNER and if you're looking to the right, I must say you have a better grasp of fashion than I. Nonetheless, a Maneki Neko may bring you luck but only the Total Glitter Domination Fortune Cat (I named it :P) can give you the world. It had me at hello. Lulubell and Rotofugi ain't carrying it yet and when they do, I'm sure these won't move. Disco is dead, ain't it? No one is going to rob me of glamour!! And I don't care if Thomas Carlyle said Weak eyes are fondest of glittering objects!

RealxHead at SDCC 2011

Stuff that I would never see on the tables of STGCC. Lots of Chaos and Fortune Cats but no sign of Unagi Cats :P The above four are easily my favourite out of the SDCC 2011 batch but there's also the Millennial Monster edition Dokugan and Blobpus DX (slideshow below). All photo credits go to Vinyl Pulse! :)

Trawling Japanese sites blindly is a major pain in the rear but thankfully, we got Andy! He attended the NEW YEAR EVENT OVER AT STUDIO UAMOU, and though he didn't continue his lucky bag spree, he got something I would sell my soul for!

Spotted these over at ANDY's a couple of days back and I am obsessed. Gotta have them but no one seems to know where and how to get them! :S

With Uamou, resistance is futile

When there is a NEW COLOURWAY, the inevitable repeats itself. Cream Uamou with expressions are already available at STUDIO UAMOU or you can check out the pictures in MY EARLIER POST. I wonder when they will go online. And I'm still holding my breath for the new rainbow Uamou!

And Ayako Takagi just tweeted this

「寝正月撲滅大作戦!!」1011年1月2日 (日) 11時~16時 UAMOU 「お正月限定フォーチュンキャット & 福袋」 真頭玩具「お正月限定フォーチュンキャット」 遊食家Boo「お餅つき大会」 などなど・・・ 遊びに来てください〜!

Limited edition Uamou fortune cat and lucky bags to be sold this Sunday at Studio Uamou! On top of that, RealxHead will be releasing a limited edition fortunate cat too!

Paul Kaiju did let up that he will be packing lots of kaiju goodies for Design Festa Vol 30 but I ain't too sure what will be showcased. For those who has been checking out his Flickr [link], you will undoubtedly be excited about the Halloween lineup. Besides the POGEKKIN [blogged], WELT DECO (above) will be dropping at DF as well.

JUMP!Collapse )
Last, we have EYEZON from Max Toy. Only the red unpainted one will be available at DF. You can find Mark Nagata at Booth C+-1696. The pink one will be released at another event :)
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Uamou X RealxHead// Fortune Cats

If you are fans of these mini FORTUNE CATS, you'll be stoked to know that Uamou X RealxHead have released more of these. The set above is completely sold out at Tokyocube.

However, if you are eyeing the one with the glitter, you're in luck. There's 2 more sets [direct link], at 3500 yen or USD$35
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Up for pre-order at  Lulubell Toy Bodega is  Ayako Takagi's UAMOU, coming in 3 versions - clear, light glitter and heavy glitter. The 2.5 inch pink vinyl figure will set you back USD $20. Over at Lulubell, you'll find her previous collaboration with RealxHead on pink FORTUNE CAT. The mini is USD $10 and and the large one only comes in a set at USD $90. [via]

Which one do I like the most? I want to fill the clear UAMOU with mini UAMOUs. :P

She has a piece touring with Lunartik at the moment [blogged]. She's #5 on the collage. Yes it's too small to see any magnificence so head over to her Flickr to oggle!
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