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That's right. If the 7.5" OG colourway isn't enough for you, feast your eyes on this - a 90cm tall fibreglass Dragon Boy looking all smug in his black suit. I'll do anything to get one of these! ANYTHING! It's black and yellow so that's a clear sign FLABSLAB is behind it :P

FLABSLAB X J*RYU// Singapore Sultan Dunny

It's always a pleasure to see J*RYU at work, and having seen his SCULPTING PROCESS last year, I have a very good idea of the transformation of 2 Tone Dunnys into Singapore Sultans. This is the first and biggest set of customs he had done and this is another first (among the many that our nation loves to claim) for our little dot of an island. The Singapore Sultan, a run of 20, carries a sceptre with Fleur-de-lys and crowning details. Inserted are 3 chase. Scroll down for the picture!

Contact Mr Jeffrey Koh of the perpetually busy FLABSLAB to get your orders in. Snooze = lose. Last I heard, it's priced at $150USD but email to confirm!

Singapore Sultan chase

Where's the Tiger?!

So I was there for scoops and scandal but all I got was Woody perving all the time. Aaron and Jess are (yes even at this point of publication) buried up to their tits with work... wait. What? J*RYU is here too? Apprently so, and on a Shield-level clearance secret mission but thankfully, Nick owes me one so I got a super preview.

Suppork local artists!!

But before I get to that, check out the works of ANTZ, CLOGTWO, SHERYO and NAMIMON. I'm flipping over Clogtwo's black on black paintings. Gold on black works like magic for me, and the same goes for Namimon's techno-satyr girl (which is not the officlal name for the painting!)

One wicked Grabbit

The boys hanging out

While Angry Woebots has tons of wood to sell, J*RYU is onto something else altogether. Clues: Dunny and a holy place. See the 3 inchers on the floor? :) The GAZER BUSTS, both Falling Soldiers and Mono, are out so if you are eyeing anything else, drop that email to FLABSLAB now.

Not the Cosmic Cube but the purple panda is gone

See you there!

Angry Woebots teases for Fang to Fur

One of these is free!

Well, admittedly, it's not that much of a teaser and more of a here it is! 19 wooden panels (9 shown above), 6 limited edition wooden pins and a Dark Room Army collaboration Camera Fed 5 (20 available). Plus prints and 20" customs and that FALLIN SOLDIERS GAZER BUST, FANG TO FUR is set to take all your monies (and mine T_T). Good thing they have free buttons and Tiger beer. Thanks Jeffrey in advance! ;)

FLABSLAB X Abell// Originally Fake

Psst don't tell KAWS!

Ok, so just a year ago, the designer toy scene in Singapore is a barren ground roamed by unscrupulous scalpers and oh so hungry collectors. Then, FLABSLAB happened. AOS, BOYS AND THEIR TOYS, CULTURE/CRASH and FANG TO FUR (just a week away!). Suddenly, it's truly money no enough. (REFERENCE for the international peeps). There's the DANCING GAIA, Puck (unblogged :/), Libertine (unblogged:/) and then a couple of unmentionable projects.

This is the classic case of getting more than you wished for. Originally Fake, just like the original Original Fake, is articulated at the head and hands. Word on the price, well, let's say it's going to be real affordable and as for the run, it's going to be two digit. No reveal for now but can't hurt to email Jeffrey at FLABSLAB ;)

'What's worse than being caught with your pants down? Being caught with your pants down and realising you don't have balls to be the real thing.'
-Jeffrey Koh

Angry Woebots// Fallin Soldiers Gazer Bust

You had me at Terra Cotta

Certainly wasn't expecting this. So there's the BLUE GAZER dropping tomorrow and the MONOTONE GAZER for FTC, so it's natural to assume that FLABSLAB is going to get a colourway. Instead, we are getting a warrior panda, decked out in terra cotta, bearing the proud badge of bloodshed. Plus there's a Rurouni Kenshin mark on its forehead. I think it's fair to say, Singapore is one up on Japan :3 Priced at USD$350, these super limited edition of 2 are sold out.

But the question remains, who's getting the Red Gazer? Vinyl on Vinyl in Manila or SDCC. Hmmm~

Singapore gets its own Gazer Bust!

Widely speculated but now confirmed!

Mr Jeffrey Koh of FLABSLAB has finally spoken the words that should not be spoken! It seems like ages ago that the FIRST PAINTED GAZER BUSTS went live (it's actually only two weeks back) and Angry Woebots just dropped news of the Blue Gazers, available 25th May 1pm PSD at Silent Stage Gallery. He tweeted the Mono Gazer as well, exclusive to his event at FTC TOYKO on 31st May.

Life not in mono

Word is, if you want your paws on the Blues, shoot an email to sales@silentstagegallery.com right away for only a limited number of the run of 25 will be availlable online. (Click store HERE) Same good old price of $200USD.

And as for the Mono, it's an edition of two and from the INSTAGRAM COMMENTS, it's highly unlikely there'll be leftovers. :P

Fang to Fur

What bout the fans in Singapore? What is the edition size and colourway? Well, that remains to be seen but whoever that little panda is, thank you so very much!

FLABSLAB// Dancing Gaia

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being stupdenously freaking awesome, this scores a 895712985189. Check back at FLABSLAB weekly for updates on this!

Staring right back atcha

Remeber the GAZER BUST by the man of all things angry and ursus? Great news. Coachella is out of the picture which just means non-attendandees has a shot. Keep tabs over at FATSNIPER or FB. Go for the latter. News end up there real fast and things go just as fast, like his WOES x CUKUI TEE. The mediums didn't stand a chance. I did get mine after persistant F5ing and pushed through the crazy international shipping (which costs more than the tee!) but Aaron was dope enough to throw in stickers to shut my trap :) Check out CUKUI if you wanna score the M (comes in cream too) but they don't come with the free pin and sketch!

As for the Gazer Bust, who knows. We might get to see it in June when Mr Angry Woebots swing by FLABSLAB for the Fang to Fur show :)

FLABSLAB// Culture/Crash

All your moneh are belongs to themz

It's happening next week! Place your order for the STAR WARS CEREMIC TILES if you have not, and just be about ready to blow your credit limit. Haing seen the tiles in person, let me just say, you definitely wish you can redo your bathroom with them. Nothing like Boba staring down at you taking a dump.

I likey. Limited edition prints from Mojoko



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