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Rainbow Chaos Mutant and Next at Rotofugi!

Interrupting the STGCC reporting (yea it's not done yet!) with a rainbow announcement! Spotted these pair over at Rotofugi and 'Shef ' popped straight into my mind. Could it be possible? He has been on a low since that REVERSE RAINBOW UAMOU that somehow sold out without ever hitting Ayako's blog. Regardless, all I know is that I do want at least one of these Chaos, oscillating between Mutant and Next but eventually giving in and getting the uglier one. Note: uglier is good! USD$90 and limited to one per household! Get your Chaos Mutant HERE and your Chaos Next HERE!

RealxHead at SDCC 2011

Stuff that I would never see on the tables of STGCC. Lots of Chaos and Fortune Cats but no sign of Unagi Cats :P The above four are easily my favourite out of the SDCC 2011 batch but there's also the Millennial Monster edition Dokugan and Blobpus DX (slideshow below). All photo credits go to Vinyl Pulse! :)

RealxHead goes on demand!

From top left, clockwise: Classic Green, Jungle Cat, Metallic Crimson and Candy

If you have been drooling after all the Chaos goodies ANDY has managed to score every other week in the micro-releases, here's your chance to finally get in on the action. REALXHEAD USA has decided to open up PO for the next batch of Chaosmen and you have until 11th Feb 11pm EST to get your act together and decide if you have USD$270 opportunistically lounging around waiting for this great moment to come. And if you can only afford one of it, each goes at USD$70. I'm really digging the Classic Green and Candy but I'm going to have to sit out on this super rare invitation to expand into Chaos. Rest of you peeps, GET YOUR PO HERE. Only one of each figure so there's no hoarding for the greedy folks! Expected to reach your hands in 4 weeks.

3302 miles away (yes, I googled), Wonder Festival 2011 is happening. What can a fanboy like me do in sunny Singapore? Hole up in my room, face the monitor and scour cyberspace for gratifying images. This is a VELOCITRON X REALxHEAD exclusive. ANOTHER VELOCITRON EXCLUSIVE? Excuse me while I go cry in a corner.

The new Beast Chaos drop at RealxHead

Image from Aaron Blstr

Micro releases are killing collectors outside of Japan, which is probably the only reason why I am not starting a collection on the Mutant series. But this Beast Chaos is too sweet to ignore. Damnit. Mule anyone? :) And yes, you are seeing Goku to the right :P

RealxHead Minis on sale at Shinto Gangu!

Remember THESE REALXHEAD MINIS that I blogged about? Well, they ain't new and are dye jobs by Shef aka Cha-iro Brown. They are now available blindbagged at SHINTO GANGU ONLINE STORE on 9th Dec 9pm EST. FIX YOUR TIME HERE. Each bag will set you back USD$32 and each customer is limited to two. What are the odds of getting the rainbow Head?

What I wish I could do with Monster Kolor

Really stunning colour theory from OSIRISORION, using MONSTER KOLOR, the custom painting system created by Matt Walker aka DEAD PRESIDENTS. My hands are itching to give this a go next year. :)

New Minis from RealXHead?

Got these Minis off TOYBOT STUDIOS, and just like Kirkland, I 'm hoping for a new run. Gotta stalk the boards now.

Shikaruna Siberian Beast + Mutant Head

Seems like God listens after all. For 99.99% of us who missed out on the CLEAR PURPLE EVILS, LULUBELL has DCON exclusives, all suited up in purple tuxedos! Do take note of the individual drop times!

Organ Bat + Evil + Chaos

Evil and Chaos are the only two that will not be presold online. What? You cannot make it to DCon? Well, then you have to try your luck 23rd Nov, when the scraps go up on Lulubell. :P


RealxHead X Dead Presidents

What do you expect from a box of 60 MUTANT ZONE SERIES 3 figures? Nothing but awesomeness :) Dead Presidents would be adding the magic touch to these milky white vinyls. After seeing the paint job on MUSHROOM SOUP MAN [blogged], it just adds to the aniticipation. If you want to be the first to own the collaboration of EVIL BAT, BEAST CHAOS or KAISER HEAD, get yourself on the mailing list: deadpresidents@comcast.net

They will appear on the webstore, provided there's any left :P
Check out the recent BEAST CHAOS releases here and here.
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