KO/BP x Super7// Ultra Squid Girl

Everyone's going gaga over the latest KO/BP protoype! Head to #4729 to catch the Ultra Squid Girl in all her serene splendour. The face reminds me so much of YOSKAY YAMAMOTO's works. All calm and collected. Then there's the ... cousin to the right. No word on anything and only one single picture from JEREMY BRAUTMAN!

Super7 is da bomb at SDCC 2011

First Row: Mummy Boy Blue Glow and Invisboy, Foster Vanilla Filling, Little Prick, Big Sal Metallic Silver
Second Row: Rose Vampire GID and Clear Green, Earth Wolf GID, Tao King Maru Blue, Zombie Fighter GID
Third Row: Burgerbuns Clear Green, Honoo Clear Orange, Leroy C GID, Mongolion Pink and GID Swirl
Click to enlarge

Just shopping at the Super7 booth alone will fill my SDCC shopping bag. There are many GID to choose from - the man himself, Brian Flynn's Mummy Boy, Josh Herbolsheimer's Earth Wolf and Rose Vampire, Secret Base's Zombie Fighter, Invisble Creatures' Leroy C and L'amour Supreme's Mongolion - but if GID doesn't wet your panties, there is another 7 to choose from! I would love to own that Foster too ^^ Cheerful piece of dessert. Top three picks for me would be Leroy C, Foster and a tie between Mongolion and Rose Vampire GID (yes I cheat :P). Booth #7429 peeps!

A nice update on the Starry Violet Skelve

This is good news for people who can't get in to SDCC. Only 25 out of the 100 pieces have been allocated to onsite sale, which means there will be 75 very happy people after the toy con when the remaining goes up at Circus Posterous. And there is no worry about the twelve chase variants running out; they are packed randomly and blind-bagged. You'll have the same odds as everyone else at pulling the Starry Violet Mini Skelve with PURPLE masks! I'm going to grab my first Skelve ever! ;) Going at USD$66 (if only all of their stuff were priced so), I won't have to do financial acrobatics to get it. For the folks at SDCC, head to Rotofugi booth on Wednesday and Thursday for lottery tickets and winners will be able to purchase it on Friday!

Circus Posterus SDCC 2011 exclusives!

Yes, the number is 66 again

I'm sure I'm going to wake to more SDCC news, right up till the eve of the event; the torrent will not let up. It's three weeks away and just on the toy front alone, there are just so much stuff *_* Circus Posterus is going launch a two prong attack on the masses (seems like a very popular stratergy), with Boo Skelve and Unripe Bubblegut at Super7 and Red Death Masao Mini Skelve at Dragatomi. The run of 66 will not be enough to satisfy the hungry. These are the big ticket items on Evilbay, where flippers callously tag them at bonkers prices of USD$300 and above. Which one tugs at my heartstrings? Chris Ryniaks' Bubblegut of course. Full of awwwwwww :)

Circus Posterus// Starry Violet Mini Skelve

It's no wonder SDCC tickets get sold out so early, like months before the actual event. I'm pretty sure they are getting close to the one year mark now and soon enough, they can start pre-sale at the door, pre-sale for the following year's that is. There is an avalanche of SDCC exclusives out there, but I'll just pick and feature the ones I would love to put on my shelf. Like all 100 of these Mini Skelves from our dearest BP and KO at Circus Posterus. All come with the traditional bone-coloured masks, except for twelve pieces with mask variants, which I would kill for. Still not owning anything more than the Masao. Sold blind-bagged (obviously), a handful will be availabe at SDCC and the rest to go online thereafter. JOY!

Super7// St Patrick's Day Big Sal

Production release. Big Sal to drop 17th Mar at 12 Noon. Thanks to VALLEYDWELLER, I can never look at it without thinking of Vash. HERE'S A REFRESHER for those who have forgotten. USD$30.

Monsters and Misfits updates!

It's still two months away but the reveals are well underway! I guess I'm more blown away by how VINYL GODDESS is able to identify all the WIP sculpts. Anything Circus Posterus is her domain. I'm just a happy camper. :P Above is a shot from CHRIS RYNIAK's workshop. Can anyone spot the Kuma and Greeter Skelves? I have no problems with the Freyjas but Skelves confuses me, just like the millions of varieties of Chaos. Right in the foreground are what Vinyl Goddess calls 'cuter incarnations of Muscamoots '. I like their big eyes O_O

Then there's BRANDT PETERS and KATHIE OLIVAS WIP shot. I'm drawn to the Elizabeth with a nice nest of Birds and what looks suspiciously like a Jack and Lucky hidden behind it. I'm extremely eager to see what it would look like when the colours go up! There's a lot going on there!

And last, we have confirmation of production pieces of Kuma Skelve to drop first in Japan. Clear. Perfect. I hate the fact that I am not born in Japan. Pretty certain this is going to be a Japan only exclusive and though there will be other Kuma Skelves, you'll know sleep won't come easy till you get your hands on this.

The poster is out so it's definitely happening! CIRCUS POSTERUS is doing a Japan Tour! As COVERED PREVIOUSLY, it will be taking place 14th~27th Apr 201112th Apr 2011 at KUSAKABE FOLK MUSEUM. It's too early to ask for previews and sneaks but stalking the CP boards might pay off :P

*Edited 28th Dec: Change of date:P

Circus Posterus Winter Sale Final Update!

Circus Posterus Winter Sale is happening in less than seven hours! For Original and Low Stock Items, head HERE and for New Editions, HERE. I have picked out five items that I would love to get if I wake up tomorrow morning with USD$2725 on my bedside table.

Circus Posterus Winter Sale Update #2!

It's just a little itsy teeny weenie ...

I need rich friends. A lot of them. Come on! How else am I going to impound all these Masaos that keep creeping up to mock my empty wallet! Thank you Kathie Olivas for bring immeasurable glee and misery to my life.

Purple is the new pink

You know what they say about Mega Skelves. They have Mega P****.

Besides the excited folks over at the board, has anyone else sold your kidney for funds?

One of a kind and low edition toys 12noon PST. CHECK TIME ZONES HERE

Editioned "toys" and new prints posted online 4pm PST. CHECK TIME ZONE HERE



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