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the missing link at STGCC 2013

Other than the stuff over on the FACEBOOK ALBUM, I just couldn't wait for the trickle of information and went snooping. If you're wondering what else is Mighty Jaxx going to bomb us with, here's the good news. I'm really crossing my fingers on this, that there is an STGCC exclusive for GOIN's Bad Apple. If so, this will be my third.

Then there's Vinyl On Vinyl, totally in stealth mode. Perhaps too stealthy. There's a mistake on the artist behind the STGCC release of Pinnochio. That should be Sonny Liew.

It's going to be really hard not to spend more than 1500 this year. I demand a medal.

Only the awesomest from SDCC

Favourite SDCC 2013 moments

Credits top left clockwise: Thinkgeek, J*RYU, Ukiyo Heroes, Uglydoll

Queueing up overnight isn't fun, but thank God there are crazy moments. Cosplay whores, shaker fries, and dedicated uglies. What's with the comatose dude? Apparently he performed an Exorcist - a nuclear exploion of vomit - but remains proprietorially instinctive.


STGCC 2013: Preparations for Luke Chueh

SDCC 2013 Luke Chueh Exclusives

SDCC offerings - Self-Medicated and Red Skull

Just so you know, it's almost impossible to prepare for his arrival, unless you've already been a collector of his works - they don't come cheap or easy. Case in point, the SDCC Munky King exclusive, Self-Medicated, a collaborative piece between Mr Chueh and Jason Freeny. $260 USD and a run of 100. Sold out. Now, it's hitting the bay at ranges $400 and up.

But that's not the sweet spot for scalpers. His art, all untainted and wholly uncutesy, goes for much more. The Hi-Fructose $75USD wood print calls for a minimum of $350. Sweet Jesus.

Luke Chueh's really expensive sketch

Just grab a cardboard

So what is a common man to do? Just prepare drawing materials and you should be good to go. Mr Luke is generally fluffy to all. Be polite and you'll leave with your head intact and a happy sketch in your hands. How much is it worth? If the joker above is indeed selling an authentic NINJA BEAR (double signed in the most believable font!!), then your sketch could be worth just as much - $395USD!

Luke Chueh't TARGET OG

Mike has got you covered

But if you really do want a signed toy, don't hit the bay. Local vinyl retailer OZZO will be selling TARGET OG onsite. Yes, this is the pre-op version of Self-Medicated. No, Jason Freeny isn't coming. Word of advice: this bear is something heavy. Train your arm/back muscles.


And what do I want? This collab piece with Suckadelic. Possession is a very powerful thing. I should have built my 2009 3" flocked Dunny army. :P

STGCC 2013: Panda Speculations

Chewballer and Wicked

Star Wars cultural infusion

So the next big question is: what is Angry Woebots going to bring to STGCC 2013? Other than artistically destroying volunteered walls, he has been sighted very often with the Mastermind at FLABSLAB. Naturally, we look to them for the answer.

Last year the invasion of GAZER BUSTS sank my bank account but a quick look at their collaborations this year could be a good indication of what is to come - Chewballer has already been released but we might see one-offs, like the gold, silver and white variants above; Wicked (the Ewok) is still in the works and I ain't sure if the sculpting is completed, or will be done by STGCC.

Angry Woebots customs

Coming in all shapes and sizes

Another good possibility is his customs which has always been a sell out, so if they do march into the hallowed halls of MBS, they won't last.

He could jolly well be selling prints, tote bags (very in at artist markets) and buttons but what is an update with some good solid news. A big bird has told me to expect Chopper Head exclusives, the black and yellow variants. Black and yellow? Signature much?

Picha Lobang - how the locals succinctly call unwitting exposure

So there's been a number of big comic heavy weights announcement by Reeds - Adi Granov of Ironman fame, David Mack of David Mack fame (it's bloody David Mack!), Joe Madureira of the early Uncanny X-Men - and of all three, I'm definitely most familiar with Joe Mad, having grown up on a diet of his illustrations for Marvel's famous mutant family. Things have been quiet on the toys front but finally the silence broke when the Panda announces his presence.

The next thing to ponder is the exclusives he will be bringing, and if Singapore will be seeing the AoS crew, in particular his bud J*RYU.

I confess this is a bad picture. I also blame the triple nipple whammy. So thrilled was I by this custom by Simon Sim that checking picture quality slipped right out of my mind. Head to Booth E34 for some seriously wicked Munny customs. Hopefully local artists have done Triston Eaton proud with their take on the platform!

Check out P77!

This is the last of the RAMPAGE TOYS EXCLUSIVE to pop up at Booth E34. No filter. No polarising. No photoshopping. This baby sneaked into the convention hall and demanded to be treated with respect! There's only two of these babies. Grab them at SGD$110 each!

Surprise surprise! Mark Nagata BROUGHT MORE THAN HE IS SUPPOSED TO and this is a good thing! A slew of mini kaiju customs (Reminder! These are one offs!) that looks so much more delicious in hand, the custom Eyezon that a fellow kaiju collector is eyeing, the production piece of Captain Maxx, Dualos, Boy Karma and Argus and a few rogue suspects.

Galaxy + Lightning + Leo

Sneaking into the party

And not to get anyone into a frenzy, I distinctly heard Mark saying something about a Zanga ;) Snooze and lose :P

Finally had the opportunity to look at Triston Eaton's prototype of his Dreamland Mickey Resin Sculpture (based on an original commission for Everlast). Julie B of Pretty in Plastic sculpted and cast this pretty crazy piece. Hidden behind his back is a very inappropriately happy little snake awaiting it's next unsuspecting meal (check out bottom right photo of the collage below).

Limited to 20 pieces, the Arcimboldo-esque piece will be available for preorder at $1250SGD at STGCC 2012 Booth E15!

STGCC 2012: Yoka Invasion!

More specifically, Clogtwo's Grizzly and Phu's Rebel Yoka. I know there are tons of Yoka customs ambling around butI got to show local artists some love first! Rebel Yoka comes in an edition of 200 pieces at SGD$20 and I expect the same for Grizzly. Catch them at F47/49, where HELL LOTUS will be confounding the mases with its awesomeness.



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